Do you need Winter Fishing Boots?

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Do you need Winter Fishing Boots?

I absolutely need winter fishing boots.  My toes and feet get very cold and if they get wet then the session is over. These are my personal boots and I love them. They are well used as you can see  

I used to wear work boots when on the pier but they were very heavy, wellies were waterproof but very cold.  Last year i got a pair of excellent winter boots.  They are rainproof, and the bottom up as far as above my angle are waterproof so perfect for rain, puddles and shallow crossings.  They have a warm soft lining and are really light to wear.


I find them perfect for winter fishing from my local pier and so will you.  As an added bonus the lining is removable,  this gives me three great bonuses

1 the lining can be washed 2 the lining can be warmed separately in the car if needed before wearing them but most importantly 3 the lining fits into my slightly too big waders, not only do they keep my feet nice and warm the are very comfortable to walk around in and if I'm spending a long time waist high in water the soften the crushing effect of the water on my feet.  These are awesome and I highly recommend them.

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