More about The Worlds lightest Rod Rest

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More about The Worlds lightest Rod Rest

What is Rodfendr

Rodfendr is the lightest fishing rod rest in the world.  It attaches to your fishing rod and therefore it always protects your fishing rod and line.  Rodfendr is highly mobile and goes where-ever you go. Being 3D printed makes Rodfendr lightweight and super strong.  We have engineered Rodfendr to fit all fishing rods from small diameter fly rods to large diameter beachcasters. Rodfendr protects your fishing rod and line while resting against any natural or man made structures : such as piers, walls, railings, boats and rocky outcrops. Rodfendr prevents your rod blank from getting scratched or picking up fractures and your line from fraying or being weakened. If your rod blank is scratched enough or weakens the lacquer it can snap and of course if your line gets frayed it will fail when a large fish strikes.

How does Rodfendr work?

Rodfendr works in a number of  ways. Primarily it dissipates the load across a wider section of your fishing rod therefore reducing the stress to your blank and preventing micro fractures.  The base of rodfendr not only provides a cushion against abrasion but also helps to hold your fishing rod in place preventing it from moving around and being scratched.  Rodfendr’s design allows for the fishing line to be protected within the device which not only protects the lien from fraying but also acts as a shock absorber again preventing fractures to the lacquer and the blank itself. Other solutions like towels or insulation while they might prevent large scratches still put the same stress on a narrow or specific place on your fishing rod and line.  This stress can build up over time causing a failure when your rod is put under increased pressure : when a bigger fish strikes for example. This is where Rofendr provides the best protection for your rod and line.

How do you attach Rodfendr?

Rodfendr is designed to attach directly to your fishing rod blank.  Installation and removal is easy. Simply place rodfendr against your rod blank and use the O ring to secure it to your fishing rod, rodfendr fits all fishing rods from small fly rods to large beach casters. You can choose to leave Rodfendr on your fishing rod and it will therefore always be able to protect your fishing rod and line where-ever you decide to fish.  If you choose to take it off it will easily fit into your tackle box until required. Rodfendr is the lightest fishing rod rest in the world and is perfect for taking with you when travelling or going to remote areas when space or weight is important. Rodfendr is fantastic when accessing hard to reach areas where you can use natural formations to rest your rod against while setting up, bait fishing or when simply taking a rest.

Can I cast with it on?

This is totally up to you.  You can cast with it on, Rodfendr is designed to allow the fishing line to easily ingress or exit the device.  When casting the line will exit Rodfendr and allow you to cast in a normal fashion, if you are concerned in any way simply turn rodfendr to the opposite side of the blank and cast normally remember to return rodfendr to it’s normal operating position afterwards and place the line inside Rodfendr to protect it.  Rodfendr is designed so that your fishing line will easily enter the device.

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