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I went to the most uncomfortable mark I could think of, a mark all rock with none high enough to rest my rod. At marks like this I place the Rodfendr below my reel and use the sharp crevices (What an unthinkable thing to do to ur rod huh) to stand my rod in, before the Rodfendr I was destroying the handle taking off chips of paint but thanks to mister Alan O'Shea I can keep my babies pretty 😀 at this mark there's a heavy push of water when the flood starts, with a few lug and a 6oz weight the force of the flood had a heft bed on my rod grinding the Rodfendr into the sharp rock, finished this session with a dogfish and a couple of founder, no tripod needed!

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#kerryman #awards #Rodfendr #fishing #tackle #innovation, fishing, rodfendr -

Rodfendr is a fantastic new fishing product.  It protects your fishing rod blank and line from being damaged.  Rodfendr is perfect for fishing at Piers, bridges, railings, boats, rocky outcrops and is great for young anglers to learn with. Rodfendr protects your blank from picking up scratches which could lead to failure of the blank and your line is kept from fraying increasing your chance of landing a great fish

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