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Genuine advances in fishing tackle are naturally becoming less
common. In many areas of manufacturing, the phrase ‘reinventing
the wheel’ springs to mind, very much variations on a well understood
theme. Sometimes, though, an idea comes along that
is truly pioneering. A product that, when you see it for the first
time, makes you question ‘now, why didn’t I think of that? ’. This can certainly be
said of the Rodfendr, a new, inventive, yet simple concept in rod support and
Whilst the majority of us might recognise a design flaw with a certain
product, very few are able to translate that into a real-world answer. In
truth, many people the world over are happy with makeshift solutions – and
that’s fine – but not Alan O’Shea. The Tralee native is the archetypal, modern
innovator and owner of the Alvention company. He clearly sees things others
don’t and, more importantly, is willing to see those realisations through to the
end. His latest creation is a classic example.

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Untangling an accidentally trapped seagull

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