Quick fishing session

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Quick fishing session

I had a quick session at my local ( Fenit Pier) yesterday.  I arrived at the top of the tide and planned to fish it all the way out.  It was a pleasant evening and not too cold like it has been recently, I was well wrapped up because on the S W coast of Ireland you can never be quite sure how the atlantic is going to treat you.  But to be fair it was nice. There were a few lads having a go who had fished the incoming tide without much luck.  I had mackerel for bait and I was hoping to get some whiting to also use as bait, they are usually plentiful this time of the year.  I set up two rods - my old faithful spinning rod with a 2 rig flapper and 1/0 hooks for the whiting and on the Surfmax 420 and litus I had a pennel rig with 3/0 and a 2/0 for some bigger targets.  So I cast out using Rodfendr as always against the concrete pier wall.  

Immediately a huge band of weed passed out under the pier. Damn and blast here we go I thought to myself - ah! But thankfully is was a quick one, like a heavy unwanted shower it passed and I was able to continue.  The first catch was a bit strange, a juvenile fish which I’m not 100% sure I’m thinking it was a Coal fish -  feel free to correct me (I’m sure you will anyway😂).  So next came some dabs and the resident dog fish - however no whiting, second time in a row I haven’t seen them I must have found an antidote (not😩).  

The session was progressing nicely dealing with crabs( the usual) and being entertained by doggies and then the weed started again.  It was dark by now and I couldn’t see how much was in the water but suffice to say while retrieving a large amount of weed as it neared the pier it kicked violently to reveal a decent sized dog fish - I was completely unaware it was there until then I could only feel the weight of the weed😀.  I tried for another 45 minutes but it was useless too much weed casting and retrieving both rods packed with weed.  It was fun while it lasted but cut short due to weed.😩🎣🎣🏆

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