How  to protect your fishing rod and line in different locations

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How to protect your fishing rod and line in different locations


Emmet O Connor takes Rodfendr through it’s paces.

Rodfendr week:- So spent the past week tormenting the Rodfendr to see how it would fare. Fishing wasn't great due to horrible a easterly breeze that stuck around all week. First stage was seeing how it would do with decent fish pulling the rod around so I went after bullhuss. Had proper bites pretty much every cast but only managed to stick 6 to the hook biggest being 9lb 12oz and smallest 6lb 7oz. I had no issues with casting or fighting fish with the line in the Rodfendr throughout. After a few cast you forget its even attached to your rod with its super light weight. At the mark I use for bullhuss the rod was rest on a smooth wooden beam, the Rodfendr gripped well and held its own as the rod rotated around with each bite, I kept the drag locked to make it do this.

On my second outing I went to the most uncomfortable mark I could think of, a mark all rock with none high enough to rest my rod. At marks like this I place the Rodfendr below my reel and use the sharp crevices (What an unthinkable thing to do to ur rod huh) to stand my rod in, before the Rodfendr I was destroying the handle taking off chips of paint but thanks to mister Alan O'Shea I can keep my babies pretty πŸ˜€ at this mark there's a heavy push of water when the flood starts, with a few lug and a 6oz weight the force of the flood had a heft bed on my rod grinding the Rodfendr into the sharp rock, finished this session with a dogfish and a couple of founder, no tripod needed!

Finished off the weeks fishing as the wind warnings were sent out in Tralee with the hopes of a ray just to give Rodfendr that last bit of punishment, unfortunately the doggies were on the hunt in packs and didn't give anything else a chance to get their bit of grub. As the doggies kept knocking like a couple of stubborn jehovas witnesses the rod slightly rolled on the Rodfendr but after getting a couple of brain cells fired up and moving the Rodfendr up the rod a small bit that solved that problem.

As I was deleting and choosing pics I remembered that video I'm sure we've all seen where the Rodfendr crew decided to drive over the Rodfendr to show its strength. Now, I'm one


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